How to maintain small rollers during the winter

Autumn has already arrived, and winter is not far away. After entering winter, most areas of our country may start to freeze, and many projects may not be able to start. At this time, there will be many users who do not pay attention to the maintenance of the small roller, which will cause the machine to fail to operate normally in the coming year and delay the construction period. Therefore, in order to complete the construction period as scheduled, troubleshooting and maintenance of mechanical equipment should also be carried out during the winter break.


1. Frequently clean the car body, clean the inside and outside of the small roller, including the engine, gearbox, hydraulic pump, tubing connection and other components, flushing water tank, oil and hydraulic oil radiator, cylinder head radiator, the purpose is to monitor for leakage Phenomenon, helps to strengthen heat dissipation.

2. Pay attention to observe whether the bolts at each connection part are complete and whether they are loose or missing. Fasten the loose bolts in time and make up for the missing bolts.

3. List the failures of the mechanical equipment in a table and eliminate them item by item. The principle is from easy to difficult. The original parts are selected within the warranty period, and the quality can be guaranteed. Remember to ensure the quality of maintenance and avoid occurrence The same failure. In particular, hidden troubles must be discovered and dealt with in time.

4. Maintain the whole vehicle, grease each lubrication point, replace the antifreeze oil, gear oil, and hydraulic oil on time as required by the instruction manual, and replace the oil filter element, diesel filter element, hydraulic oil filter element, and hydraulic transmission oil filter element as required. Some engines have one or two water drain switches. If water is usually used, the antifreeze must be changed in winter, and the water must be forced out with new antifreeze. Then turn off the drain switch. If the engine does not change the antifreeze, it may cause the cylinder block. Freeze and crack, causing unnecessary losses.

The maintenance of small rollers during the winter break is also very important. It is related to the construction progress in the coming year and the service life of the small rollers. Therefore, the maintenance of the small rollers must be done at all times.

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Post time: Oct-19-2021