Maintenance measures of milling machine

(1) fully protect the belt

Belt of milling planer material-collecting receive material from the rotor milling planer down, in order to prevent the loose material may cause the wear of belt, in order to seal the rotor space and limit milling planer down old material particle size, and at the same time to ensure the reliability of belt material-collecting and belt from additional knock against, namely USES the belt boots and grading control beam.Regular inspection and replacement of belt boots and reasonable grading control scheme can fully protect the belt, reduce belt wear and form a reliable and stable receiving mechanism.


(2) do regular cleaning

The cleanliness of each system is very important to the working reliability of the machine. Some dirt and sharp solid particles are brought into the system. Friction, blockage, blockage and other faults may occur at any time.Motorcycle damage and scratch on the surface of sports pair not only produce new pollution particles, but also damage on the finishing surface will lead to sealing leakage and temperature rise, causing a series of vicious chain cycle.Regular cleaning of road milling machine in normal operation is indispensable, some key parts dirty will make the machine can not work properly.Therefore, the cleaning operation is not only to keep the machine clean and tidy, but also to ensure the safety and normal operation of the machine.




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Post time: Aug-01-2019