Milling Machine Conveyor belt skid, how to find out the reason and solution?

As one of the road machinery equipment, the milling machine has played a very important role, however, the damage rate of milling machine accessories is very large, such as the knife head, knife seat of these two parts, the two parts in the milling machine for the road work, it will be very easy to damage the situation, and in addition to the knife head knife seat,
The conveyor belt of the milling machine is also an important accessory which is very easy to damage. Because our milling Machine conveyor belt in the use of the process, often slip problem, we can think about, if the conveyor belt skid, then our milling machine is basically not working, so in the choice of Milling Machine conveyor belt, we must pay attention to the quality of the product itself, while the quality of the problem,
Also can not forget some of the conveyor belt solutions, so today let small and everyone together to find out the cause of the conveyor belt skid and solution.
The first is the friction between the transmission roller and the conveyor belt is not enough, then caused by the phenomenon of slippage, the cause of this phenomenon is mostly the conveyor belt on the water or environmental humidity, and the solution is to add some rosin at the end of the drum, do not pay attention to the use of hand-add, and the application of blast equipment blown into, lest accidents happen.
Then is the tail roller bearing damage does not turn or up and down roller bearing damage does not turn too much, will also cause slippage, and the cause of the damage is the machine tail ups and downs, there is no timely overhaul and replacement has been damaged or not flexible parts, so that the resistance to increase the slippage, so in normal times, must pay attention to the daily maintenance of milling machine.
In addition to the above two, there are initial tension is too small, starting too fast, conveyor belt load too large and so on causes also will cause the conveyor belt skid phenomenon, especially the load is too big, if the load time is long, the electric motor will be burnt down, this for the milling machine, may say is the accident, in short, must pay attention to the milling machine daily operation Standard. To sum up, milling machine conveyor belt skid This fault is big, say small also small, the key is everybody usually must diligent care, more attention, in time before the fault to stop, of course, the quality of the conveyor belt directly affects the quality of the work of the milling machine, so everyone except in the daily maintenance of milling machine, Must choose a good quality conveyor belt to do.

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Post time: Jul-20-2018