Milling machine maintenance

Customers in the purchase of milling planer, in the continuous use of the process will inevitably appear consumption and wear, in order to prolong the service life of the machine, the correct operation and appropriate maintenance is necessary.
1, first of all, the machine must be operated by professionals, and carefully read the operation manual;
2, the most important part of the machine due to milling cutter, bearing, gasket, milling drum composition, operation process due to long time and road friction, consumption is the fastest part of this part, regular replacement, inspection can better prolong the service life of the machine;
3, the milling cutter shaft should be checked daily, if the above grinding groove exceeds 25% of the diameter of the cutter shaft, it should be replaced. Generally speaking, the life of the cutter shaft is half that of the tungsten steel milling cutter. In terms of square area, its life is about 350-500 square meters at a milling depth of 5mm. But please pay attention to, there are many factors will affect the life of the cutter shaft, so it should be checked daily;
4, for the sake of safety, before maintenance, the engine spark plug should be removed, the best by a qualified mechanic;
5. Check the oil level before each operation and clean the air filter after use.
6, every 4 hours after use, to add grease to the bearing. When playing grease, turn the milling drum while playing, so that the grease is coated in the whole bearing;
7. Check the machine with naked eye before each operation: are all fasteners tightened? Are parts visibly worn or cracked? Is the oil supply pipeline in good condition? Check the bearing, check whether each protective cover is covered;
8. Before each operation, check the tightness of the belt. The new belt should be re-adjusted after 4 hours of operation, must maintain appropriate belt tightness, in order to transfer the engine output horsepower to the milling drum, when too tight belt will be easy to wear, but also shorten the life of bearings, such as broken marks, serious wear belt should be immediately replaced;
9, generally speaking, milling cutter cracking is very rare, if there is, usually explain the following situation: A: milling drum milling cutter arrangement is irregular; B: Single milling is too deep; C: Use unsuitable milling cutter to remove different types of pavement; D: The strength of the milling surface is too large;
10, each time change milling cutter alignment, check milling cutter shaft and bearing. If there is a worn groove on the shaft, it needs to be replaced with a new one, and the bearing should be replaced at the same time when the shaft is changed;
11, milling drum if properly maintained, usually can be used for 3 months. In the milling cutter or maintenance, check whether there are cracks in the central shaft of the milling drum, whether the shaft sleeve hole becomes oval, whether there are cracks in the weld, if any damage is found, it is necessary to replace the new drum;
12. Finally, when you want to check the milling drum at the bottom of the milling machine, note that the machine must be overturned forward, not backward, or the oil will be poured back into the engine cylinder.

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Post time: May-05-2022