Paver Machine

Paver is a kind of construction equipment mainly used for paving various materials of base course and surface course on expressway. The paving work is completed by the cooperation of various systems, mainly including walking system, hydraulic system, material conveying and distribution system, etc.

(1) Crushed stone:
Aggregate spreader is one of the pavement construction machinery. Construction machinery capable of evenly spreading gravel on subgrade. It is mainly composed of hopper, supporting roller, skid, V-shaped scraper, widened side plate and running wheel.
(2) Asphalt concrete:
Machinery for evenly paving the asphalt mixture on the road base, and preliminarily vibrating and leveling. It is divided into crawler type and tire type. It is composed of traction, paving, vibrating and ironing. The former includes frame, power device, walking device, hopper, material door, scraper conveyor, spiral paver and cab. The latter includes traction arm, vibrating mechanism and ironing device (composed of screed, thickness regulator, camber regulator and heating device).

Operating procedures
1、 The paver operator must receive professional training, understand the mechanical performance and structure, master the maintenance knowledge, skillfully master the machine performance, operation essentials and safety matters, and can operate alone only after being confirmed as qualified by relevant departments.
2、 Before starting the engine, check whether the amount of oil (oil, fuel, working oil and lubricating oil) is sufficient, the tightness of the belt on the fan, oil leakage and loose parts. Check whether all accessories, accessories and tools required for the work of the day are complete.
3、 After starting the engine and idling for at least two minutes, check whether the indication of each monitoring system is normal.
4、 The dumping of the material transport vehicle must be commanded by someone to accurately unload the material into the hopper of the machine.
5、 Before the paver works, contact the left and right leveling personnel to ensure that other personnel are not in the operation before operation.
6、 When shifting from operating gear to driving gear, it must be carried out when the accelerator is small and the machine stops completely, and all working parts stop working.
7、 Operators are strictly forbidden to operate after drinking. They must wear neat clothes when operating the equipment, do not wear slippers, and do not have smoking, diet and other behaviors that hinder safe operation.
8、 After the paver works, all protective devices must be installed at the designated position.
9、 The operating room (platform) must be kept clean, and the oil and other dirt shall be cleaned in time. Tools and other items shall not be placed randomly.
10、 Before leaving the console, the driver must put all operating mechanisms in “0″ position.
11、 For the hydraulic automatic widening paver, pay attention to and observe the surrounding conditions when widening, so as not to hurt people and damage the equipment.
12、 When paving is heated with liquefied gas tank, the tank valve must be closed in case of flameout or fire. When the ambient temperature is higher than 200C or the car air tank is directly exposed to the sun, the air tank shall be used for heating, and the air tank must be covered.
13、 After paving, when cleaning the material conveying and tamping devices and stopping the machine, the screed must be placed on the skid. When the machine is parked, it shall not hinder the traffic, and warning signs shall be placed. After the engine runs idle for 5 minutes, turn off the engine, then cut off the power supply and lock the instrument panel.
14、 Equipment maintenance must be carried out in accordance with the requirements in the manual.
15、 During equipment maintenance, you must:
(1) The hopper and screed are firmly fixed.
(2) Engine off.
(3) When repairing the hydraulic system, the residual pressure of the hydraulic system must be released.

Technical failure
1. Hydraulic oil overheating:
If the oil temperature of the hydraulic system of paver is too high, the oil viscosity will be reduced, the leakage will increase, the oil film of the lubricated part will be damaged, and the wear of parts will be intensified; At the same time, high temperature will also cause premature aging and damage of gaskets made of rubber and other materials. Therefore, it is very important to control the appropriate oil temperature. When the oil temperature is too high, it must be shut down for inspection. Generally, the following aspects can be started:
(1) Check whether the oil tank level is too low. Experience shows that high oil temperature is often caused by lack of oil in the oil tank, so it should be supplemented in time when there is lack of oil.
(2) Check whether the hydraulic oil filter element and circuit are blocked.
(3) Check whether the radiator is normal. If a large amount of dust is adhered to the radiator, it can lead to poor heat dissipation and increase the oil temperature. Since there is a lot of dust in the working environment of paver, the radiator shall be cleaned in time
(4) Whether the quality of hydraulic oil is qualified. If the added oil quality is unqualified, it will also cause the system oil temperature to be too high.
In addition, when the hydraulic system works in lack of oil, it is easy to cause damage to the pump and motor. Therefore, after the oil shortage fault is eliminated, check the operation status of the pump and motor, and replace the damaged parts of the pump and motor if necessary.
2. Auger inoperative:
Sometimes, the left and right spreaders of the paver do not work, which is generally due to the failure of the oil make-up system. The reasons for the low pressure of the make-up oil system are: the inlet passage of the make-up oil pump is not smooth; The pressure of overflow valve of make-up oil pump is low; Failure of make-up oil pump itself; Serious leakage of hydraulic motor. Generally, the make-up oil pump and its overflow valve shall be mainly inspected.
matters needing attention:
In the use of paver, the maintenance of hydraulic system can greatly reduce the failure. Generally, the following points should be noted:
(1) Before the hydraulic oil is added into the hydraulic oil tank, clean containers shall be used to fill the oil. The hydraulic oil must be filtered by the oil filter and then added into the hydraulic oil tank; The replacement cycle of hydraulic oil depends on the quality of the oil used (usually once every 1000h); The hydraulic oil shall be changed under the working temperature; In order to ensure good heat dissipation of the hydraulic system, the hydraulic oil radiator should also be cleaned regularly.
(2) As the construction environment of asphalt paver is generally bad, the replacement cycle of hydraulic oil filter element should also be shortened (generally 750H). When replacing a new filter element, it should be checked. It is strictly prohibited to use deformed, polluted or rusted filter element.
(3) When starting the engine every day, you should idle for a period of time before operating each actuator, which is conducive to the use of hydraulic pump.
(4) Due to the long-term use of the paver, its hydraulic system parameters sometimes change. Therefore, the parameter setting of the hydraulic system should be checked regularly and adjusted in time.

Technical maintenance
1. Daily technical maintenance
(1) Cleaning the paver: remove the mud, sand and asphalt accumulated on the surface of the paver; Remove dust and oil dirt from the surfaces of engine, hydraulic components and other components. Be careful not to get dirt into the oil filler and air filter.
(2) Check the nozzle, connecting pipe, air tank and switches of the heating system.
(3) Check the connection and fastening of all parts of the paver, especially whether the connecting bolts of the left and right crawler beams and frames, screed, distributor and scraper conveyor are loose or broken, and fasten or replace them if necessary.
(4) Check and eliminate the leakage of each part.
(5) Check the quantity of engine oil, fuel, coolant and hydraulic oil, and add new oil to the indicating scale of the oil scale as required.
(6) Check whether the lubricating grease in the centralized lubrication device is appropriate.
(7) Check whether the blade of the spiral material distribution device has cracks, and replace it if any.
(8) Check whether each electrical plug is loose.
2. Periodic technical maintenance
(1) Technical maintenance contents after running in for 50h
Before putting into use, the paver shall be put into trial operation for 50h, otherwise it shall not be put into use. The 50h running in operation shall be carried out according to the relevant provisions in the engine operation manual. After running in and trial operation, technical maintenance shall be carried out according to the following contents:
① Replace diesel engine oil: drain the old engine oil when the engine is hot, and then inject new engine oil; After short-term operation, immediately check whether the oil level is at the specified height.
② Replace the lubricating oil of the transfer case and all reducers (including traveling, distributing and conveying reducers); Drain the old lubricating oil when the engine is hot, and then inject new lubricating oil.
③ Replace the oil filter element.
④ Replace the filter element of diesel fine filter.
⑤ Check whether the hydraulic oil reaches the specified amount.
⑥ Check the engine coolant level. If it is insufficient, add it to the specified amount.
⑦ Check the nozzle, connecting pipe, air tank and switches of the heating system.
⑧ Check whether the rubber track shoe has cracks. If the crack length is greater than 50mm, it must be replaced.
⑨ Check whether there is leakage in each hydraulic system, and eliminate it if any.
⑩ The filter element of the air filter must be cleaned every 50h of operation of the diesel engine.
Check whether the blade of the spiral material distribution device has cracks, and replace it if any.
Check whether the automatic leveling device is normal.
Check whether there is leakage in each working cylinder, and eliminate it if any.
(2) Technical maintenance contents every 100h
① Carry out all items of daily technical maintenance.
② Maintain according to the 100h technical maintenance items in the diesel engine operation manual.
(3) Technical maintenance every 200H
① Repeat the technical maintenance for 100h.
② The maintenance shall be carried out according to the technical maintenance items of 200H in the operation manual of diesel engine.
(4) Technical maintenance contents every 500h
① Repeat all items in 200H technical maintenance.
② The maintenance shall be carried out according to the technical maintenance items of 200H in the operation manual of diesel engine.
③ Check whether there are cracks at the welding joints of frame, oil tank and other important components and whether the crawler beam is deformed. If any, solve it.
④ Check whether the electrical circuit of each operation switch and operation monitoring device is normal. If it is damaged, it must be repaired immediately.
⑤ Check the wear of the distributor.
⑥ Check the basic condition of the battery, such as the oxidation of the two poles.
(5) Technical maintenance contents per 1000h
① Repeat the contents of technical maintenance at 200H.
② The maintenance shall be carried out according to the technical maintenance items of 200H in the operation manual of diesel engine.
③ Replace the hydraulic oil filter element.
④ Replace the diesel engine oil.
In addition to the periodic technical maintenance described above, the paver shall be comprehensively inspected and repaired every winter, and the lubricating oil of each reducer and transfer case shall be replaced if necessary.
3. Technical maintenance of long-term parking
If the paver will be parked for 3 months, it shall be maintained according to the following requirements:
(1) Technical maintenance for long-term parking shall be carried out according to the requirements in the operation manual, and anti rust treatment shall be carried out.
(2) Clean the internal and external surfaces of the machine, hopper, screed, spiral material distribution device and scraper conveyor. It shall be parked in the warehouse as far as possible; If placed in the open air, it should be placed in a ventilated place and covered with canvas.
(3) Block up the screed.
(4) The hopper and leveling cylinder shall be fully retracted and coated with grease.
(5) During long-term parking, the main machine can only be equipped with the basic section of ironing device and material distribution device.
(6) The attached accessories of the paver shall be treated with rust prevention after cleaning and placed in a clean and ventilated room.
(7) Fill each lubricating point of the paver with new lubricating oil or grease.

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