The current situation analysis of milling planer industry in China in 2018

Milling planer as the main equipment of mechanized maintenance practices are already in the our country highway and municipal maintenance is widely applied, as the current situation of a standard maintenance mode, milling planer market demand has been heating up. But from the current domestic market, milling planer width at more than 2 meters high end products, foreign products in an absolute leading edge. Current analysis of the current situation of milling planer industry in China in 2018.
Road milling machine is a special highway and city road maintenance work of mechanical equipment, mainly used for removal of pavement rutting, cracking, carbuncle, pit slot of cement concrete pavement in the pavement diseases and hair treatment.
From 2016-2021, the market demand and investment consultation report of China’s road milling and planing machine industry shows that the development and engineering application of foreign surface milling planer has a long history and accumulated rich experience. A european-style product represented by Wirtgen, Germany, and north American style products represented by American RoadTech, CMI and Caterpiller. They work in the same way as the process, and the engine capacity is basically the same. The difference lies in that the European milling planer adopts the four-track walking mode, which is compact and exquisite, and adopts electronic control technology more, especially the current digital electronic network control technology. In North America, the milling machine adopts the three-track walking style, the shape of the shape is rugged and more solid. In the last ten years of Chinese market, people have more accepted the four-track driving mode of milling machine. Therefore, in the maintenance project of highway, we often see Wirtgen’s 2000DC, W2000 and W1900 road milling planer.
Before 2002, China’s road maintenance market was mainly dependent on the import of road milling planer, especially large road milling planer, but the market volume was small. With the construction of a batch of highways in the late 1980s and early 1990s, the demand for road milling planer is increasing year by year. Since 2002, the market demand growth rate of this machine has been very prominent. In this situation, it is imperative to develop our own road milling machine, both in the national interest and in the interests of the enterprise.
Since 2002, some of the domestic manufacturer to watch the market potential of pavement milling planer, on the basis of the experience of foreign similar products, development and manufacturing of modern hydraulic drive technology and electronic control technology of the large surface milling planer. The results were presented at the CHINA TRANSPO transportation exhibition in Beijing in October 2002, with six manufacturers showing the first large road milling planer they developed. So far, the domestic existing shan building corporation, xi ‘an grand, xugong group, north road, west building, zoomlion can be manufacturing milling planer width is 2 m, maximum milling planer depth is 300 mm, with automatic cutting depth control and crawler pavement milling planer in the receiving device. Build shares one shan, and xi ‘an grand production CM2000, CM1900 type pavement milling planer, if measured from the perspective of intellectual property rights, its whole structure design, system design and software design of digital network control system are designed, not only has the complete intellectual property rights, and in the whole system design, control system and its software design and manufacturing technology reached the international advanced level.
In terms of the current market demand, according to incomplete data statistics, the sales volume of domestic road milling planer has reached about 120 in 2003. But the vast majority of the market share is owned by imported equipment, including Germany’s wirtgen. Due to the short development history, the market recognition has a certain gap and is in a weak position. But to be sure, not to the engineering practice of the long time and efforts, domestic pavement milling planer in terms of the reliability of the technology advancement and quality will be greatly improved, and has the absolute advantage in the economy. With the increasingly heavy task of highway overhaul, it is expected that the annual demand of China’s market will reach 300~400 sets in 2~3 years. By then, domestic road milling planer will have a large market share.

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Post time: Apr-13-2018