The world’s largest width paver XCMG RP2405 completes ultra-wide paving

The world’s first case

Maximum width paver XCMG RP2405

Road roller cluster

Appeared on Sichuan Guangnan Expressway

A charming show!


The G75 Guangnan Expressway project in Sichuan Province has a total length of 1.5 kilometers. The task of XCMG RP2405 ultra-wide paver is to ensure that the 20-meter-wide road base is paved at one time. This super-wide water stabilization layer paving construction is the first in the world.


According to the traditional high-speed construction method, the joint paving of two pavers will not only lead to a decrease in the uniformity of the paving, but also the joints generated when the two machines are paved in parallel will be an important hidden danger in the future durability.

With the maximum productivity of 1800t/h and high-quality operation capacity, the maximum paving width of XCMG RP2405 paver reaches 24m, which is the industry’s widest, fully meeting the operation requirements of this high-speed project.


During this construction, the XCMG service team monitored various data on site to ensure smooth operation of the equipment, and the smoothness and compactness of the water stable layer met the construction requirements, and successfully completed the cement-stabilized soil paving operation with a width of 20m and a thickness of 32cm.


Subsequently, RP2405 carried out the construction of a super-wide asphalt surface layer with a width of 19.5m and a thickness of 6cm. In this link, the stability of equipment operation is the biggest influence on construction quality, and RP2405 realizes stable construction of large-width paving through ultra-long track design, 5 series electronic control system, and the latest screed with a rigidity increase of 35%. a substantial increase in sexuality.


According to the inspection results, the construction of the RP2405 asphalt surface layer performed very well in terms of paving smoothness, segregation phenomenon control, and pavement water permeability, setting an example for domestic brands in the construction of high-grade pavement asphalt layers.

The person in charge of the construction site commented: “XCMG’s equipment is really beautiful! Paving a 20-meter-wide road at one time can be said to be an ‘industry ceiling’! Another ‘world record’ has been created!”


From China’s first high-grade asphalt paver in 1988 to the world’s largest paving width paver in 2020, XCMG paver operating widths range from 0.8 meters to 24 meters, achieving a qualitative breakthrough in the field of intelligence and automation.


Extra wide Extra thick

Don’t be afraid to challenge and create records

Since the release of XCMG RP2405 ultra-wide paver

Already in Guangxi Lanhai Expressway

It has been successfully used in Sichuan Guangnan Expressway and other places

Contributed XCMG’s wisdom to high-grade road construction!


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