Unmanned paver, road roller

Shanghai is the first city in China to use Internet technology and artificial intelligence to realize driverless road repair! The Zhujian Road paving project in Qingpu District will pilot the use of unmanned paver and unmanned road roller. After artificial intelligence is involved in the actual operation, the field staff will be greatly reduced, and the quality of the project is expected to be further improved. This is also the field of engineering infrastructure. A substantial step in the exploration of artificial intelligence.


Neat road surface, dense and compact work quality, followed by two road rollers that strictly maintain the distance between vehicles. It is amazing that this series of coordinated construction vehicles that do not interfere with each other have adopted fully automatic driverless technology. The implementation of unmanned driving and artificial intelligence in the actual infrastructure construction project is also the first in the country, opening a precedent in the field of infrastructure construction.


Take a closer look at this unmanned paver. The biggest difference between it and the traditional paver is that it has two antenna-like devices. It is actually a 3D leveling instrument. In addition, you can see a monitor shaking your head back and forth in the middle. The equipment is used to measure temperature. Through the combination of a series of equipment, unmanned driving is realized.


The 3D leveler judges whether the pavement is smooth or not, and the temperature scanner records the real-time asphalt temperature, mechanically controls the compactness of the asphalt paving, and then relies on the computer to plan the route. In this way, the artificial intelligence paving operation is completed, no longer necessary Lots of staff on site.


According to the long-term plan, Shanghai will establish a quality report for each major traffic artery. With various detailed data during construction, it will also contribute to the efficiency of future maintenance work, and will be able to detect and deal with some road safety problems earlier.

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Post time: Jan-10-2022