What daily maintenance does the paver need to do

Why does the paver need daily maintenance? The answer is simple, just like people who want to be healthy and not sick, they must maintain good health. If the paver wants to maintain good working performance and long service life, it must do daily maintenance! These maintenance include the following precautions:


(1) Clean the paver: remove the mud, sand and asphalt accumulated on the surface of the paver; remove the dust and grease on the surface of the engine, hydraulic components and other parts. Be careful not to get dirt into the fuel filler openings and air cleaners.

(2) Check the nozzles, connecting pipes, gas tanks and switches of the heating system.

(3) Check the connection and fastening of the parts of the paver, especially whether the connecting bolts of the left and right track beams and the frame, the screed, the distribution device and the scraper conveying device are loose or broken, and tighten them if necessary Or replace.

(4) Check and rule out the leakage of each part.

(5) Check the quantity of engine oil, fuel, coolant, and hydraulic oil, and add new oil to the scale indicated on the oil level as required.

(6) Check whether the amount of grease in the centralized lubrication device is appropriate.

(7) Check whether there are cracks in the blades of the spiral feeder, if any, replace it.

(8) Check whether the electrical plugs are loose.

The effect of maintenance is not overnight, the benefits of your paver through maintenance will be reflected in the subsequent use. Compared with the unmaintained paver, you will have more reliable work stability, higher work efficiency, shorter downtime, and lower maintenance costs. Don’t these all you need? As long as you spend a little more time every day, you can have all of these.

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Post time: Dec-29-2021