Why is the milling Machine bit head so easy to break?

The cutter head of the milling machine belongs to the wearing parts of the milling machine, then how is the accessory damaged and how to prolong the service life?

Now let’s analyze it. Milling machine work, direct contact with the road cutting is the bit head, the state of the bit is not only with the face milling the quality of the surface, but also with the life of the bit seat. Wear the bit head should be replaced, otherwise it will hurt and bit seat. And the bit seat damage will be counterproductive in the bit head, so that the bit head appears regularly abnormal break, increase the abnormal loss of the tool head.

Therefore, it is very important to maintain the pick head effectively.

The reasons for abnormal damage of the head are summarized as follows: One situation is that the user saves the cutter head and uses the bit head to the limit, which causes the bit seat to wear faster.

Another situation is that the bit seat to the wear limit to continue to use, this practice will cause the knife head of the normal working conditions are damaged and make the bit head appear eccentric wear, broken and other abnormal damage.

1, the bottom of the operation caused by abnormal damage In the bottom of the bridge operation, due to the laying of the bridge deck of different depth, milling is very easy to milling to the steel, leading to the bit tip collapse, knife head from the hilt break or the knife seat off.

Serious, the steel bar can be rolled up after a week in the milling drum, wrapping the milling drum causes the milling drum to die so that the engine overload automatically flameout or cause other parts damage.

2. Abnormal damage of Urban road operation Earlier urban roads were paved with asphalt, and some of the manhole covers were not elevated and were still buried underneath the asphalt pavement.

In the pavement maintenance milling operations, as such asphalt layer is not thick, generally 4cm, it is very easy to have a milling drum to dig up the case, directly lead to a part of the knife head broken, serious will lead to the bit seat off, clinker belt will be cut.

3, the abrasion of the casting plate causes the wear of the first part of the knife Parabolic board can not be timely to remove waste from the milling room, then milling the waste in the room will be constantly with the bit head knife seat friction, and because of the more waste inside, spraying device effect will be greatly reduced, but also exacerbated the wear.

At the same time, as the working efficiency of the casting board decreases, the waste accumulation will also form the resistance to the direction of the milling machine, causing the track to skid and the track board wear and tear increase.

Other reasons

The cooling spraying device fails, resulting in higher temperature and more wear and tear of the cutter head. When milling the cement pavement, because the speed is too fast, leading to the crack, break, stop, no milling drum cleaning, knife head and the gap between the knife is full of waste, the next time to start, due to the condensation of waste and other reasons, the knife head can not rotate, resulting in eccentric wear. So how do we avoid the above?
The correct operation of the technology is essential, reasonable use, regular inspection and maintenance, regular cleaning, face wear serious knife to replace in a timely manner, to avoid greater wear.

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Post time: Jul-13-2018