Wirtgen launches new generation of medium-sized milling machines for the Asian market

Wirtgen launches a new series of W 125 CF, W 155 CF and W 185 CF front discharge medium-duty cold planers exclusively for the Asian market, with an engine power rating of 261 kW making these three new cold planers in the medium-duty planer category A mid-performance option.

The machine is not only equipped with an engine that meets China’s third-stage standard, but also adds many innovative features, such as four-leg full-floating technology and a fuselage attitude automatic control system (PTS for short). In conjunction with the existing Wirtgen functions, the milling process is optimized, the construction application flexibility is higher, and the operator is easier to operate in daily work. These three new models are fully capable of all the medium-sized milling machine series Routine milling work. In addition, the single-person operation concept design can achieve efficient construction under various working conditions.

W 125 CF medium cold milling machine

Flexible and changeable, easy to deal with complex working conditions

With a standard milling width of 1.2 m and the FCS milling rotor quick change system, the W 125 CF is the most convertible cold milling machine in the medium milling machine category.

The W 125 CF is a medium-duty cold milling machine with super conversion capability that can easily adapt to special conditions. With a standard milling width of 1.2 m and the FCS milling rotor quick change system, these features make this front discharge medium-sized milling machine the perfect combination of strong milling performance and fast changeovers for multiple applications.

On the one hand, the application range can be expanded by replacing the milling drums of the same width but with different tool spacing; The milling rotor greatly improves the construction flexibility. For example, shoulder works for milling asphalt pavements for widening roads. The reasonable body size and optimized overall layout design of the W 125 CF make it ideal for working in space-constrained areas or urban roads.


W 155 CF medium cold milling machine

High performance and excellent maneuverability

With a standard milling width of 1.5 m, the W 155 CF achieves the ideal balance of working width, daily production output and mobility in the range of medium-sized milling machines.

With a standard milling width of 1.5 m, the W 155 CF achieves the ideal balance of working width, daily production output, specific fuel consumption and mobility in the range of medium-sized milling machines. Thanks to its compact shape, this universal cold milling machine has a wide range of applications: whether it is for surface refurbishment or full milling of inner and outer urban roads, the large-width conveyor belt can swivel 60° to the left and right sides. . Loading of milled material is easy even in difficult conditions such as roundabouts or intersections. In addition, four different steering modes give the machine high maneuverability in a variety of tasks.


W 185 CF medium cold milling machine

Achieve higher daily milling area output

With a milling width of 1.9 m, the W 185 CF excels in construction output, daily milling area output and maneuverability in the mid-range milling machine range.

The W 185 CF has a milling width of 1.9 m, thus extending its milling capabilities. Especially in conventional road surface milling, when the output is calculated in terms of the milled area per unit time, it helps to achieve higher milling throughput. At the same time, as a medium-sized milling machine, it has outstanding advantages in mobility.

In large-scale milling construction, this machine is enough to combine the advantages of large-scale milling machines in terms of output and medium-sized milling machines in terms of economy and flexibility, making it an ideal choice for construction. Thanks to its large milling width, the W 185 CF is a front discharge milling machine ideal for large road surface milling repair projects. The uniform weight distribution of this cold milling machine means that a higher output of the milled area can be ensured in surface milling operations.


A brand new product for the Asian market: four-leg full-floating technology and an automatic airframe attitude control system (PTS for short). The height adjustment of the machine is also achieved by hydraulically linked front and rear outrigger hydraulic cylinders, quickly and precisely. With this new four-leg full-floating technology, the heights of the four legs are always automatically adapted to each other and adjusted in linkage according to the undulating conditions of the road surface. Stability is greatly improved.

Closely coordinated with this technology is the airframe attitude automatic control system (PTS system), which can keep the milling machine body parallel to the road surface or a fixed longitudinal pitch angle set by itself during the milling process. This automatic feature greatly relieves the operator of the burden previously associated with the need for manual calibration.

In order to make the most of the power of the machine, this model series is also equipped with the ISC intelligent travel system specially developed by Wirtgen. Even in the face of more challenging milling projects, the ISC system ensures that the four crawler units travel at a constant speed and ideal traction for higher milling capacity.

Maneuverable and agile

Innovations in travel and steering increase the efficiency of day-to-day operations on construction sites. Therefore, the W 125 CF, W 155 CF and W 185 CF are true all-rounders in tight bends, roundabouts or inner city areas. The compact shape of this machine and the large steering angle in both directions ensure an extremely small turning radius for precise milling on various construction sites. In addition, the top travel speed of 7.5 km/h allows the machine to be positioned quickly and maneuverable.

Eco-friendly and easy to transport

Outstanding contribution to environmental protection: The new medium-sized milling machine features features such as automatic speed control of engine load, intelligent idle speed control and three-speed milling drum speed, which greatly reduces the level of carbon dioxide emissions. All models in this product range have machine transport weights optimised for the application and are therefore very easy to transport.

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